Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Case study development and presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 2

Development and presentation - Case Study Example kjet printers of Hewlett Packard are renowned for their vibrant and rich printouts which makes Hewlett Packard a leader in the market of different models of printers. The new inkjet printers of the company provide for durable printing in the offices and can enhance the speed and quality of paper and print work in an office environment. The new Office Jet Pro X range of printers launched by Hewlett & Packard are expected to bring about transformations in the way paper and print works are carried out in the modern offices. The â€Å"Ink it out† tag is give as a form of expression for emphasizing on the importance of a printer in the corporate offices. The main features of the new office Jet Pro X Range of inkjet printers presented by Hewlett Packard are cost effective, fast and efficient for usage. The use of these printers can drive up the efficiency of an organization by supporting the office works in terms of speeding up, quality enhancement and low cost generation for printing works. The inkjet printers are often less preferred by the corporates due to the huge expenses associated with the use of the high quality printers. However, the new series of inkjet printers launched by HP is likely to change the views of the users of printers because, this series of Inkjet printer comes with astounding and impressive features like highly innovative design, less space consuming, and quality driven design and functionalities.. The factor of long wait time in printing is one of the biggest hurdles in inkjet printers. But the new series of inkjet printers launched by HP will change all expectations related to lagging efficiency and time consumption of the inkjet printers because the new HP Office Jet Pro X range of inkjet printers launched by HP can print 55 pages per minute. Reliability and higher price consumable image associated with the inkjet printers have acted as major restraints in the popularity and mass scale use of inkjet printers. However, brands like Hewlett

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