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Business planning Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Business planning - Assignment Example Contributing to competitive edge 14 5. Marketing Research 15 5.1. Targeted customers 15 5.2. Market Share 16 6. Marketing Strategy 16 6.1. Marketing Mix strategy 16 6.2. STP Strategy 18 7. Processes 19 7.1. Quality Control 19 7.2. Equipments 20 7.3. Policies 20 8. Personnel 21 8.1. Management team 21 8.2. Organizational Chart 21 9. Finance 22 9.1. Financial Projections 22 Conclusion 23 References 24 1. Executive Summary ‘The Fresher’ is an exciting start-up logistic business with unique approach to helping large scale supercentres and hypermarkets across London to provide its customers with freshest fruits and vegetables than those that are presently available in large retail outlets. The business idea behind this start-up is that customers across London are extremely concerned about fresh, natural, genuine and quality fruits as well as vegetables distributed by both large and small scale retailers, but they hardly get satisfied. The Fresher takes it not only as an oppor tunity to be commercialized, but also as a social responsibility to meet customers’ specific need for farm-fresh goods. In today’s highly competitive business contexts, marketers need to think strategically to develop certain strategies to help them achieve competitive advantage and to survive in the market. It is also required for a start-up business to be successful. ‘Going global’ is a very significant and effective strategy for that it widens the market potential and helps the firm grab further marketing opportunities. The Fresher begins its business from farmers across different countries and extends its services to local retailers in London to provide farm-fresh goods, and therefore, it not only goes global but also comes back to local to gain maximum advantages of logistics. The Fresher’s market involves customers who come to large as well as small to medium sized retailers to buy fruits and vegetables. The Fresher is going to bring wide vari ants of foreign fruits and vegetables that were never before available in London market and this adds up to the market potential of the company. The financial projections show that the company will generate quite impressive profitability within the first year. Strategic marketing activities, extensive R&D, integrated communication and promotion activities will help the company build a strong brand image among its customers. 2. The Industry 2.1. The industry Overview For the last two decades, fresh fruits and vegetables represented the most important product category in the UK market. According to United Nations Publication (2003, p. 231), out of the total turnover of the organic food in UK, 33 or more percent are generated by fresh fruits and vegetables in 2001 and more than 85 percent of all the organic fruits and vegetable sales were taken place in supermarket chains. As of 2006, fruits and vegetable represented 27 percent of UK’s organic food segmentation and 75 percent of the organic food sales were carried out by Supermarkets (UK Organic food, 2006). Almost all the large scale retailers, mainly Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose already offer core assortments of organic fruits and vegetables. UK’s fresh fruits and vegetables market has been valued as worth an estimated ?9.52 billion in 2010, with an increase of 4.3 percent from the previous year figures despite the fact that the market has been severally affected by rising food-price inflation. The industry in 2010 reported an increase of 29.5 percent total turnover in comparison

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