Thursday, November 21, 2019

Critical Reflective Log Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Critical Reflective Log - Essay Example This essay is a critical reflective log on placement based on drugs and alcohol use, a recovery process. Although research has shown that moderate consumption of alcohol has some health benefits for older adults, excessive consumption of alcohol has negative health and social consequences just like drug abuse or addiction. About five percent of the world’s population meets the criteria for an alcohol and drug use disorder, dependence or abuse (Miller 2003). The highest percentage of this population comes from Australia. People under 25 years of age stand the riskiest drinking habits. The most effective treatment strategy for alcoholism and drug addiction is intervening early with risky alcoholics and drug abusers to prevent them from becoming heavy and regular alcoholics or drug abusers (American Psychiatric Association 1994). It is a complicated process to withdraw someone from heavy alcohol intake or drug addiction because it is not easy to stop the drinking habit or stop the drug abuse habit. Once an alcoholic or drug addict decides to recover from the addiction, there are various ways of doing so. For instance, one can do it from an inpatient rehab center, outpatient rehab center, hospital, therapy, or engage himself in the twelve step programs (VandenBos 2007). Quitting drinking or drugs assists one to get rid physical illnesses related to the addiction out of his body. In addition, the addict needs to heal emotionally to avoid cases where he goes back to his old addictions. For an alcoholic or drug addict to recover, he will be expected to follow a certain process beyond his old life to create a new life (Schaler 1997). These processes are part of self reflection or introspection. Below are programs, which can assist an alcoholic or drug addict to have a self reflection. These programs last for a month or more than a year and they usually take place in a residential

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